Phone companies from Afghanistan:

A little bit of Telecom History

Thurn & Taxis Post Horn
1290 Postal Services were invented in Italy by the family Tasso / Thurn & Taxis
The family became the pacemaker in European Postal Services for 500 years,
the Postecenter mooving to Brussels and Frankfurt

VB postcoachVB postcoach
1671 At the old Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon VB / Cremerie de Paris was created
the Royal French Postal Services
The Paris Post Mansion was the seat of all Postal Operations in the Bourbon Territories (Kings of France)
Anselm Franz von Thurn & Taxis (the Postmaster in the Whitepages Logo)
came by horse from Bruseels and Frankfurt to organise Post exchanges.
The VB mansion still exists.
Cremerie de Paris reopened as an avant-garde Internet cafe
now turned into a Brand Museum
where famous companies organise Pop Up Store Expos.

The place is the home of a Two Letter dot com (
the Phone Book of the World and
The man in the Logo is the "old" Postmaster that came by a long time ago.
His great x 6 grandson helped ut to relaunch the centuries old Telecom history
restarting as avant-garde Phone Repair Boutique.

1860 Establishment of Postal Services in Afghanistan

Alexander Graham Bell 1876 The phone was invented in the US by Alexander Graham Bell
Bell loved to be with young people and we had the chance to know one of his young friends.
Aimée de Heeren was 19 when she met Bell, 83 when she met the editor of ths website
and over a 100 when she initiated the VB Whitepages project.

1898 The first phone line was installed in in the ARG Palace in Kabul.

1908 a small Telephone system with 25 lines around the ARG Palace.

1914 a radio station was installed to connect Kabul to Paris.
1918 Post Telegraph & Telephone included in the Organization of the Ministry of Interior.

1928 April 12 Afghanistan became a Member of the International Telegraph Union
Today International Telecom Union.

1955 an automated system of 5.000 phonelines was installed by Siemens from West Germany.

1967 Siemens added two phone centers with a capacity of 3000 phone lines in Kart-e-char and in Shahr-e-naw.

During the 1980s and the 1990s war destroyed most of the Afghan Telecom Equipment.

Since the arrival of the Transitional Government
new perspectives are given to the Communication system of Afghanistan.
The sector has been opened to private Investors.

more Telecom history by CSRS Kabul

Land Line Operators :

Afghan Telecom

Afghan Telecom was established in april 2006.
Afghan Telecom
administrates the approximately 72,700 landlines in Afghanistan (data sep 2011).
The phone number of Afghan Telecom is +93 75 201 2345

Afghanistan Mobil Operators:

5 Operators provide mobile lines
Roshan is the largest Mobil Operator
2nd Mobil company to get a license in Afghanistan
51% of the company is owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development AKFED,
a company founded by Aga Khan that owns about 150 companies in 15 different countries.

36,75 % is owned by Monaco Telecom
12,25 % is owned by the swedish phonecompany Telia Sonera
MTN is the second largest Mobil Operator
Investcom bought the 3rd mobile license in Afghanistan.
MTN is a multinational mobil phonecompany based in Johannesburg, South Africa
and operating in multiple African and Middle east countries.
Etisalat is the third Mobil Operator
2006 may establishment of Etisalat Afghanistan after sucessfully bidding
for the license to operate the 4th mobil service license in Afghanistan.

Etisalat Afhanistan is a 100% subsidary of Etisalat (Emirats Telecommunications Corporation),
a United Arab Emirats Telecom Company that is partly government owned.
Etisalat is one of the lagest Telecom Companies of the World operating
in 18 countries accros the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
Etisalat also edits the UAE Telephone Directories and
Etisalat Afghanistan paid $1.2 billion for the GSM license in Afganistan.

The phone number of is +93 78 678 6786
Afghan Wireless is the fourth Mobil Operator
2002 November 13 First Mobil Company launched in Afganistan
The Afghan Ministry of Telecommunications has a 20% stake in the company.
Afghan Wireless provides GSM services in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat and Mazar i Sharif

Afghan Telecom is the fifth Mobil Operator

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